Principal's Message

This year will be marked throughout history as a transformative year. We have all witnessed and we are still actively involved in a pandemic which has led to, massive unemployment, 55 million children out of school. We have also been witnessed to nationwide protests focused on the unrelenting and unremitting pain of racism. The events of 2020 will lead to fundamental change.

As I begin to reflect on the past five months, I can only think of the hard work and the many changes that we have made, that are determined to be our new normal. There have been many bumps in the road, but we have learned that we are in this together. As a community we know that our students will continue to be our number one priority. 

As the principal of Sierra Middle School I am excited to begin a fun filled year of learning. Educators will never be the same and for that we will be better in providing support for ALL students.


Sierra School.Closure.Families.pdf

Sierra SPANISH School.Closure.Families.pdf