What is AVID?

 Sierra Middle

What is AVID? 
Our programis intended to support underrepresented students in the middle to succeed in a rigorous, college preparatory path that leads them to eligibility and acceptance in a four-year college, and compete in a global society. The AVID course is designed to empower students to become conscious of their own learning through the implementation of WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading) strategies and A.V.I.D. methodologies. This grants agency to the pupil to become fully engaged in a curriculum that fosters critical thinking, responsibility of one’s own academic success and an acceptance of instructional support vehicles.

The AVID tutorial program concentrates on improving math skills and, thus, raising test scores through inquiry and collaborative methods. Furthermore, our after school tutoring program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (AVID Overtime) is an attempt to support those students underachieving in their core curriculum. This program’s success can only be attributed to our expert college tutors (alumni of SMS) and the continual endeavor of the AVID instructors to monitor student progress in all of their courses twice per quarter. Without this effort, this program could not exist and flourish. A special thanks to those who participate. 

Currently, Sierra Middle School is one of less than sixty middle schools across the country that are bestowed the honor of being a National Demonstration School. That honor obliges us to host other schools and district personnel interested in beginning AVID programs at their sites. Our effort is to maintain that status and to continue the progression of the AVID Program.

AVID Club was successfully implemented seven years ago. It consists of 8th grade AVID students willing to engage in activities (such as AVID Homies, AVID Buddies and AVID Makeovers) beneficial to the program and the school. 

AVID is instituted to support students in their core classes, prepare them for a rigorous college-style curriculum and to teach them how to be responsible young adults who make intelligent decisions. Having the full encouragement of staff, faculty and administration assures this program’s success and long-term viability. Thanks to all of you who believe in and sustain our purpose. 

~John Smith and Chris Ynostroza