Power School

Power School (Haiku) Learning MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Riverside Unified School District has implemented the Power School Learning Management System for all grades. PowerSchool LMS can be used by teachers and students for fully online classes as well as “hybrid” classes where teachers post information, assignments, assessments, discussion boards and more for students to complete either in class, in a lab environment, or at home depending on the needs of the student.

One of the outstanding features of Power School is the availability of a Parent Account. This will allow parents to log in to Power School LMS and see the information that their student’s teacher is providing including but not limited t class events, requests, assignments, homework, and student resources.

The Parent accounts are created from information in the Aeries student information system and require that we have an email address on file to create the parent account. The parent login is the email address that we have in Aeries with the @ symbol replaced by a . (period).

Example: John Smith’s email on file is so the Haiku parent account username is

All initial passwords are set to Welcome1 (case sensitive)


1. Enter the URL in your browser and you will see the screen below.

Power School Welcome Screen
2. Enter the username and password on the left side of the log in screen (see red rectangle)

Log in name is the email account entered in Aeries with the @ replaced by a . (period). The initial password is Welcome1.

3. Create a new password, Click Save

4. Click Save on account information. Note: Parents have the option to add a cell phone number so that they can receive text notifications. Standard text messaging rates apply.

5. Click Home and you will be taken to your portal where you will see the list of your student(s) classes on the left and a calendar and other pertinent information on the rest of the page. Click on the class title to see the class content.

If you have more than one student you can filter by clicking on the menu above the list of classes.

Parent Portal

1. Please check with your student’s school to make sure that you have an email address on file and that it is correct.
2. If you do not have an email address on file and would like to have a Haiku account please talk to the Sierra Middle School front office to add one. It will take a couple of days for your PowerSchool account to be created after your Aeries data is updated.
If you have any questions, please speak with your student’s teacher or email me at and include your name, your student(s)’ name(s), and the corresponding six digit student ID number.